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lloydd In the stoner/psych genre. Doom,sludge,occult is the sub genre i follow and know the least about.This album is fantastic the lyrics are top notch heartbreaking and gloomy filled with dark undertones.The vocals are smooth with some growling and heart felt.The music is slow and dark,the synthesizer and keyboards add a touch of light to the darkness.The album needs to be heard as a whole.These guys and girl have made something beautiful and magical.Biggest surprise in 2019 Favorite track: Gone Like The Ghost.
Mike Williams
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Mike Williams Legba is one of the best kept secrets in the doom/stoner/psych scene, and that's unfortunate. This band deserves to be heard on a massive scale. Each of their three albums have been epic, and Hell may be the best of them all, methodically driven, with alternately clean and growled vocals, enough synths and airy spaces to lend a bit of light to the consuming darkness. Do yourself a favor and pick up all three releases for a discount while it lasts. Favorite track: Beaten Dead.
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FDJ Starts with a stark warning from Sir David Attenborough ends with a lament to a dying planet, powerful stuff! Favorite track: Gone Like The Ghost.
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released September 13, 2019

Todd Holford - Vocals and Guitar
Trish Coles - Bass and Backing Vocals
Bobby Coles - Synth
Harold Smith - Drums and Backing Vocals


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Legba Greenville, South Carolina

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Track Name: Mother's Flood
The warnings came to us but no one would believe
Searching for higher ground above the rising seas

The world is ending now and soon we'll all be gone
into the oceans sound we'll never see the dawn
the stars when looking out we've never been alone
they watch without a sound so close but far from home

The danger rises up in front of me
This time it's not on our side
try to compare but you will never be
just what you wanted to see

We've all just gathered here infesting all our land
this time we wipe it clear but only with our hands
as time approaches us a blessing I would send
hold close the ones you love hold tight until the end
Track Name: Beaten Dead
broke my back again poured my soul
for your merriment

broken promises hung yourself
just like all the rest

I want everything written down
so I don't miss a thing

you choose every word that I've said
till I'm beaten dead

she want back in I won't let her
for her merriment

I will promise you one more thing
I'll fuck up again

I swear I've gone through this
and I won't take no more
hard times is all i get
lets stone the whore

Beaten beyond my death
the devil knows her due
our time now laid to rest
we won't see it through
Track Name: Bringer Of Fire
We all go alone
He's waiting for you

Beaten by the sea
You know me

I chose not to follow
you down your road
of doom

Down the long dark hall
we enter the tomb

who stands here before me
who would dare

sacred grounds were crossed
breathe the air

suffocate and fight
for your life

the worst of deaths design
comes at night

I am the bringer
of fire
your life I desire

Fighting my battle
I wonder
if were torn asunder

I won't just go afraid
into the grave
our souls are just hollow

but you're not that clever
I'll own you
forever and ever

Bracing for violence
your ending will come
it's just a matter of time

Bring forth the beast
let his red river run
given the chance just to die

As I sit here alone in my sorrow
all these lives we have lost I would borrow
if we had one more day what would we say
now we all bow our heads as they all pray
Track Name: Bury The Bones
He comes for stalking others
follow you home
He knows the final outcome
bury the bones
Listings for love of others
it's lonely alone
Bring you to the ending
Bury the bones

I am the regulator
that followed you home
dismembered scattered memories
Bury the bones
I read in revelations
The bringer of doom
Messiah I'm you savior

Transmissions from the darkness
Calling my name
I will obey my master
Never the same
he orders me to kill them
All in his name
Satan's Black hand will guide me
Hallowed his name

listen close make sure you follow
if you want to see tomorrow
I don't want to have to tell you
I will do just what I have to
Listen close I won't say again
heed my words I am your true friend
in the way that I won't lie to
here's the life your god just gave you

Pure psychotic rage
flesh beneath my blade
one by one I save
Track Name: Our Grave
Breath makes me whole again
Facing my only friend
embrace me in your sin
I Wait

Life can be cruel again
when facing off the end
now we have come to this
I wait

we've been through all of this
yet you still plead the 5th
accept me with your fists
I rage

Time heals all wounds i hear
filling me with the fear
can we get out of here
our grave
Track Name: Hell
Death brings life to the underworld
You’ve been gone too long

Sift through all of your memories
You’ve done some wrong

Punishing all of you wicked ones
Pain is the way

Cleansing off all the sins you’ve done
Burn them away

what happens after. these things feared.
we've been waiting for years and years
tortured killing. we prevail
all are willing in hell in hell

As your flesh melts away from bone
Stripping them clean

tear away all the things you've known
there's no more dreams

I want all of it everything
my soul to sell

bring me down to the darkened king
welcome to hell
Track Name: My Dear
Lay Me Down / by the riverside
Breaking stride / I don’t wanna die
Falling down / we never see
Under ground / we lay beneath

All that’s real / I don’t wanna feel
We become / the only one
Now I’ve found / the remedy
Silence now / just you and me

There is something behind all your silence I’ve found / a way down to
All those feelings you keep buried deep in your hole / all controlled
Can we be like the ones you’ve seen open and free / like me
Are you willing to try and correct your wrong ways / all my days with you?

we have grown silent
lend me your ear
come close my dear

I know you inner
darkest deep fear
hold me close my dear

I'm trying to save you
from your own hell
when will we be well

time passes slowly
inside your head
soon we'll all be dead
Track Name: The Day We Died
How can I clear out my head today
try to remember what was said in vain
how can I make all my memories fade
back to another time back to another day

what was it like inside your head
thoughts of you just lying dead
infiltrate into my mind
for us all there comes a time

early morning heard the warning save the day
hear me calling while your falling no more pain
all the while save the child we all tried
laying lifeless life is priceless the day we died

and now you invade my thoughts everyday
when I see something you might like I want to say
hey man have you seen this old thing that we loved
it sends a pain into my heart that can't be numbed

will we ever be the same
when someone calls out your name
will our hurt begin to heal
now that we know how you feel

This world is barren and so cold
who cares you do just what your told
all that you wanted was a place
where they were glad to see your face
where was your strength to carry on
instead you turned your tail and run
just walked away the only one
your secret song a loaded gun
Track Name: Gone Like The Ghost
brains like tentacles
memories we pull
talking of dying and going away
how we want to stay
but we all fall away

Broke up and burnt in my brain
remember, remember when times were sane
i was lost in my head
It's time now Time to bury our dead
goodbye to family and friends
They're gone now, gone like the ghost again
Im supposed to believe there better
fallen down fall to your knees

stains right through your soul
death so long and cold
thoughts they are swirling around in my brain
things won't be the same
as they all fall away

Hold back the sorrow
You shall not follow
grieving we wallow
in our sorrow

wait for tomorrow
trouble we've borrowed
saddened and oh so hollow
in our sorrow

death would you take me
promised me lately
why can't we all be free
just like me

It's all forsaken
your path less taken
it's all that we make it
I just can't take it

grieve for the fallen
who heard deaths' calling
no one's without sin
bring them back again

they want the halo
that is all they know
searching to save your soul
but we all know

Lifes what you make it
i just cant take it
You better believe you me
to cause me grief

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